Haiku and Update


The angel of death

Took some wonderful people

and carried them home



Rampant Dysfunction

In this very human age

Is not surprising



The angel of death was busy last week apparently, taking many good, honorable, and important people.

Evil and dysfunction seem to be weighing down the news and many people’s lives. But it’s really just more of the same. We do not reside in heaven and humans are not perfect creatures. It’s horrible and terrifying. But it’s not surprising… unfortunately.

I’ve been really busy so I haven’t been able to read or post. It’s really been kind of a downer that I haven’t had time lately. But I figured instead of taking a couple hour nap between jobs I’d write something here. I hope my followers and all those who read this have a great day and because so much of the news lately has been depressing and dark, I challenge those with real talent to create some posts that are more uplifting. I think it is needed. I am not very good at uplifting but I’d do it if I had more time myself.

That’s all for my update. Have a great day.



red candle
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


By Casandra Klund:


The darkness envelops

The light shines within us

The world tilts and turns

upon a glorious and terrible past


A feeling within me

A hope beyond this darkness

A small flame dances precariously

and we pray that it lasts.


Don’t blow it out.

Don’t smother it, but feed it

It’s there to shine through us

so we can atone


A Perfection, God Willing

In a future unknown

Brought through the abyss

and finally made whole.



Note: My mind sometimes just pushes out stuff like this. Though this one is a bit more positive than my usual musings. I usually don’t share much of my stuff but this is a kind of poem so I figured I’d put it out there. I couldn’t think of a title because I have to get ready for work and I am not a natural when it comes to names for characters or titles of stories and poems so I just left this one blank since I’m in a hurry. Thanks for reading it though and

Have a nice day everyone.

Daily Thought 8/1/2018

Daily Thought (Random): Fear can propel us beyond our normal capacity or it can lock us up and make us totally vulnerable. The difference between life and death sometimes is submission to a fate that is not fated at all. Fight.


Note: Sorry, I’ve been so busy lately and stressed. I haven’t gotten good sleep either. So my brain isn’t working well. I’ve been playing a video game on my phone in my free time because thinking clearly lately has been pretty difficult. I need more sleep. I just got 2 new tires on my car though because they were badly needed and about to pop they were so bald. Today I had off and tomorrow I have a short day, so that’s nice. Maybe I’ll make it to the gym and get some sleep. I’ll try to post a story or poetry this week when I get a chance. I hope all my blog followers have a great day.

Daily Thought 7/20

Daily Thought: Breathing in I feel the weight of a day spent slaving away towards a goal I am sure I am incapable of. Breathing out I realize that I did my best and tomorrow perhaps I will do better. 


notes: This week has been difficult. It’s been mentally, physically and emotionally taxing on me. Work has been crazy but I am doing my best and striving to do better. I’m working on a story too, but I am replacing a bunch of old stuff I had for it because it’s mostly a bunch of tangents in stupid directions and other stupid parts that can be cut completely. The premise is good the outline, for the most part, is good but all the expanded rough drafts are horrid. Every time I sit down to work on it though recently I fall asleep or it comes out as a mess because I am so tired that my mind is asleep. I have a long work day today too so here’s hoping next week is a little smoother. More of my co-workers show up to work and my boss is less stressed that I get better and better as time goes on and it becomes less and less draining. 

Conscience (Poem)

angel art black and white clouds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

*I started off thinking about writing about Castles for the Manic Monday Prompt… yeah, it ended up not going in that direction. Oh well. Here’s a poem about our Conscience.


I live inside a Castle

Locked inside your soul

I am your inner angel

God’s messenger

I can make you whole


Inevitably as you grow older

your kind is all the same

you stop listening to my voice

you stop hearing me call your name.


You go about your own devices

Leaving me here all alone

only reaching out and remembering

when your hurt or scared or cold.


But we never forsake you

It is you who grows distant to us

I am your saving grace

In this world of Chaos





Random Thought 7/15

Random Thought: My current theory is that all people are untrustworthy in some ways, but you can almost always trust people that you do not know well to be themselves. They will almost always accurately portray the persona that they are giving off to the world. In this way, people are fairly predictable and there is a minimal gamble in dealing with them so long as you can quickly pick up on their persona and deal with them accordingly. Anything deeper than an acquaintance though, there is more risk involved. The more the mask falls away the less readable their actions are because people are extremely complex.

First Poem I ever wrote


This was the first poem I wrote. It was written in 4th grade for an English assignment. The English teacher asked us to write a poem for homework and the topic was Prejudice. I didn’t know what prejudice meant. So I looked it up and then while making sure I used the word correctly at least, I wrote this.

Looking back, I’m fairly sure the assignment’s desired result and whatever sort of thoughts and conversations that were supposed to spring forth from the suggested topic went right over my head. I still ended up with a good grade for the poem though because I followed directions. I remembered it completely because it was so easy and because my family seemed to think I had a knack for writing poetry because of that, so I kept doing it privately. So this is the very beginning of my love of writing. Keep in mind it was written by a 9-year-old so don’t expect it to be great.



Life is bad

Life is sad

Life is really making me mad

Life is confusing

Life is doing

the good things

and the bad

Life dies

Life cries

Life is mad at me

I really can’t help but think

that life is prejudice against me.